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Message from the Nurse Navigator.

Summer is here!

June is Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) Awareness Month. APS is an autoimmune disorder in which the body recognizes certain normal components of blood and/or cell membranes as foreign substances and produces antibodies against them, which can cause miscarriages, young strokes and heart attacks. Here at TWMC, we care for pregnant patients with APS and help them manage it with medication to maintain a safe pregnancy and delivery. 

Read more here: APS Foundation of America, Inc. | Antiphospholipid Syndrome – APS (


June is also PTSD Awareness month. There are currently about 12 million people in the United States with PTSD. Even though PTSD treatments work, most people who have PTSD don’t get the help they need. Everyone with PTSD—whether they are Veterans or civilian survivors of sexual assault, serious accidents, natural disasters, or other traumatic events—needs to know that treatments really do work and can lead to a better quality of life.

Read more here: Help Raise PTSD Awareness – PTSD: National Center for PTSD (


At TWMC, we offer inclusive care to all patients regardless of sexual identity or orientation. Each year, during the month of June, Pride is celebrated in the U.S. and countries throughout the world. The annual commemoration recognizes those who identify as LGBTQIA+, community members, as well as their supporters and allies. Pride month is an opportunity for the community to come together, take stock and recognize the advances and setbacks made in the past. It is also a chance for the community to come together and celebrate in a festive, affirming atmosphere.

Read more here: What is Pride Month? The Meaning, Facts and Why We Celebrate (


An important day of recognition this month is June 19, also known as Juneteenth, which commemorates an effective end of slavery in the United States.

Read more here: What Is Juneteenth? | HISTORY



Lastly, it is starting to really heat up! 

Please be sure to take care of yourself this summer by staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and resting often in cool places. 

Read more here: Extreme Heat Safety | Heat Exhaustion Safety | Red Cross

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